All about ME

Thanks for checking out my swEEts! :)

Don't be fooled by the name..I'm Evan, a girl, and I LOVE to bake! With a name like Evan Elizabeth I feel it's my duty to make as many glorious baked goods as possible because well, I put the EE in swEEts :)

I have always enjoyed baking cookies and cakes for friends and family, but now I'm taking it to the next step-blog style. After watching hours of Ace of Cakes and Food Network Challenges, I've started experimenting with my own recipes and getting creative with cake decorating. Now that I've got this blog going I've also just started my swim in the food photography world and boy is it a work in progress! I am open to any suggestions, because I'm definitely learning as I go.

                                               This is me sculpting and decorating a cake for my boyfriend and his brother.
And this is them eating their fondant climbing replicas.

After grad school ended, I got a job (thankfully) and recently relocated to central Texas (Temple to be specific, about an hour outside of Austin) for my new job, which unfortunately has nothing to do with baking. That doesn't mean I don't find any excuse to do some baking! My co-workers and I have a love-hate relationship...they love me because I'm always baking delicious cookies and cakes and they hate me because I'm always baking delicious cookies and cakes. I'm still adjusting to life in Texas, but I'm liking it so far.


When I'm not working or baking, I'm probably doing something active. I love a good sweat; my lunch breaks consist of swimming and yoga and you'll find me on a trail or in the gym sometime after work..did I mention I really enjoy working out? I have to do something to counteract all the sweets I'm taste testing! I try to eat as healthy as possible and I really do try to bake as healthy as possible as well.. but let's be honest, nothing beats homemade anything with lots of butter and lots of sugar! ha

I love to eat.. if there is food anywhere near me you'll probably catch me munching on it, especially if it is in the sweet department..
I'm a goof at heart, I live to laugh and love to live. I love nothing more than to spend the weekend lounging and baking. I'm a food enthusiast, sweet junkie and aspiring bakery owner. I love hearing from my readers so don't ever feel like you're bothering me with questions or comments! Contact me anytime:

I hope you enjoy following me through my baking adventures :)