Monday, November 22, 2010

Have Wedding Cake, Will Travel

That's right folks, another traveling wedding cake!

Is it nerve racking you ask? A little bit..but it's also very exciting, especially when the bride and groom have no idea what is in store for them.

And how do I get myself into these things you ask? Well, it's quite easy when you like to make cakes and all of your good friends still live on the east coast.

Case in point, this little number I traveled to Savannah with this past weekend for two of our very good friends.

This cake was very special to me because the couple I made it for is also very special. Andrea and I were roommates for two years during grad school and upon meeting, immediately became fast friends. T.Ray and A.Way (as she used to be called) met around the same time Mountain Man and I did at a local gym that Taylor actually co-owned. As the roommate, I got to watch as her and Taylor's relationship grew and couldn't have been more excited when they asked me to make their wedding cake. In just a few short weeks after their first date, the two became inseparable- doing all sorts of things together, to include working out (Taylor is into the whole weight lifting thing if you can't tell), which is what inspired the custom cake topper I made for them out of clay.

I kept the decorations a secret from the bride and groom and I'm so glad I did.. they were absolutely ecstatic about the topper.. I think Taylor literally gave me 3 bear hugs after seeing it, laughing the entire time.

Perfect (ok semi-perfect) little clay replicas of the couple in all their wedding glory.. we even got them to try the pose out in real life too!

Andrea and Taylor couldn't have asked for better weather for an outdoor wedding. The ceremony took place in one of the many squares adorning the city and the reception was held in one of the most haunted homes in Savannah- the Kehoe House. We laughed, we cried, we ate cake and danced the afternoon away all in a perfect Savannah Fall day.

For those of you wondering how I made this travel happen here's a quick recap:
Fortunately (for me), their wedding was small, which meant we didn't need a large cake. I actually baked, decorated and covered the cakes in fondant in Texas and then did the rest once we arrived in Savannah. The night before we left I boxed up the cakes, covered them in saran wrap and then wrapped them in bubble wrap so that they couldn't move much. MM and I hand carried the cakes throughout the rest of the trip as our carry-ons and boy did we have to answer a lot of questions along the way. The flight attendants were awesome about it though and even let us keep the cakes on the plane during our layover (one of them actually hung out in our seats so the cakes weren't disturbed by the cleaning people). Saturday morning I set up the cake before the wedding, added the ribbon, the topper and the rest was history.

Oh and don't worry, I've got another one in September :)