Monday, September 13, 2010

Jam Exchange 2010 & Awards

As I mentioned a few posts ago, this summer I took part in Steph Chows 2nd Annual Jam Exchange...little did I know that it would lead to a complete obsession with jam and the whole process of canning.

I was partnered with Anna from Blondie's Cakes and knew I would be in for a treat whenever her jams made it my way. I mean, anyone who loves Biscoff Cookies as much as I do has to have good taste! Her blog is full of delicious dishes, like her Apricot Almond TartChocolate Guinness Ice Cream.. oh and did I mention she loves decorating cakes just like me?! I think Steph made a perfect match up!

After browsing her site and between a few friendly emails I knew I would be receiving her Vanilla Bourbon Peach Jam, but she wanted to keep her second jar a secret till it made its way to Texas. With high expectations, I waited anxiously for her package to arrive in the mail.

Watermelon Jam?! Genius!

And holy cow did they taste good!

The Watermelon Jam tasted almost like Jolly Ranchers and the Vanilla Bourbon Peach Jam is going to be the perfect addition for some cookies I'll be making soon :)

I can't wait to see what happens next year!

An award!? For me!? 

I honestly got goosebumps when I first saw a message from Nancy over at Spicie Foodie who graciously passed along The Sunshine Award, The Beautiful Blogger Award and The Innovative Chef Award. For those of you not familiar with Nancy's delicious dishes you need to make your way over there immediately! Beautiful pictures, creative, delicious entrees, and some delectable desserts can be found all through the Spice Foodie.

Then after spending a find Sunday traveling for business, I settled into my hotel room, turned on my trusty Mac and found a new message from Marisa from Cook's Book who was sharing another award with me.. A Blog with Substance

Marisa had such nice things to say when sharing this award with me and the feelings are absolutely mutual! A fabulous writer, Marisa is a lover of anything food and there is always something new and scrumptious looking popping up on her site. You must absolutely check it out!

The rules of the awards are to pass them along to fellow bloggers we also feel deserve them, but I enjoy soo many blogs that I don't even know where to begin! I'm going to have to think about check back.

You all have no idea how much your comments and following means to me... These kind of awards are a kind reminder that you're liking what I'm dishing up and that makes me so extremely happy!

Happy Baking!