Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project Food Blog- The Definition

If there was ever to be a definition of me as a food blogger it might look a little something like this...

Evan @swEEts proper noun \ev-in 'at' sw-eets
  Definition of EVAN @SWEETS
1 : a food blogger
   : lover of anything sweet
   : passionate and self proclaimed foodie
   : weeknight/weekend baker
   : aspiring bakery owner
2 : kitchen risk taker
   : creative designer
   : taste engineer
3 : originator of the 'Traveling Sweets' (see also Traveling Sweets)

Origin of Evan @swEEts
 A very small galley kitchen nestled in the plains of Central Texas.

First known use: December 2009

Related to Evan @swEEts
 Cookies, Cakes, Brownies, Bars, Pies, Jams, Muffins, Scones, Biscuits, Buttercream, Icing, Cinnamon, Chocolate

You think I can submit that to Webster?? What about Foodbuzz?

I mentioned a few days back that I would be participating in a blogger competition and this is it! The challenges have begun :)

For those of you that have been here before you know what I'm all about... If sugar and butter happen to be two of the main ingredients in a recipe then count me in, throw some chocolate in the mix or better yet cinnamon, then I'm all yours!

Let's face it, I, Evan Elizabeth, put the 'EE' in swEEts!
My first fondant and tiered cake

Believe it or not, Mountain Man (my boyfriend) and I do occasionally eat savory things too.. In fact, we're both pretty decent cooks, but that's not where my passion lies. 

I love to bake.

Baked goods celebrate joyous occasions, milestones, achievements, birthdays and anniversaries. They can turn a frown upside down, remind people that you're thinking about them, bring folks together, be the beginning of a great day or make a bad day just a little better.

I started this blog not only as a means to document my recipes and adventures in the kitchen, but to stay connected with friends and family as well as make some new ones along the way.

Sweets make people happy- and that's why I started The Traveling Sweets. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury (or income) to travel far and wide to visit my friends and family, but my sweets do...a cookie here, a cake there, just a simple and yummy way to show those I care about that I'm thinking of them. Every time I send a sweet from Texas to the mountains of Tennessee, the shores of Rhode Island or the desert of Afghanistan, I know a little part of me is making its way there as well.

Those sweets get around!

And I'm always up for an adventure..

Like when I traveled over 1000 miles from Texas to Georgia, wedding cake in tow, for a friend's wedding (which I'm doing AGAIN in November?!)...

... or when I went to visit Mountain Man for his birthday while I was living in New York for an internship and hand carried little fondant replicas of him and his brother to be placed atop a mountain of a cake I had to make once I got there...

... or when I had to figure out the best way to get little flower pot cupcakes (I had to run to make my connection mind you) and their delicate gumpaste flowers through airport security as a surprise for my mother's birthday...

All in all, just another day in The Kitchen of the Traveling Sweets and these adventures are only just beginning!

Mountain Man and I have big plans for opening a bakery one day and look forward to spending countless hours in the kitchen fixing up all kinds of goodies for ya'll! In the meantime, I'll keep spending my Saturday and Sunday mornings whipping up delicious morning goods...

Decorating cakes for family and friends..

And baking cookies for all of you to enjoy..

There are some amazing bloggers participating in this competition and I hope you'll spend some time getting to know them as they blog about their passions and inspirations in the kitchen. So head on over to Foodbuzz to check that all out!

Of course, feel free to stick around here, kick of your shoes, grab a cup of coffee and browse my archive of sweets!

I love hearing from all of you out there in the blogging world so I hope you'll keep checking up on my baking adventures, following up on my traveling sweets and leaving the wonderful comments I so often find here. 

Happy Baking!