Monday, August 8, 2011

Traveling Wedding Cake- Take 2

I apologize for being a little flaky last week, but one of my best friends got married this past weekend.

That's a good excuse, right? Did I mention I also made the cake??

And not just any cake.. a traveling wedding cake.

Of course, as with all the weddings we've gone to thus far, we were required to travel quite a bit.

Not only did I travel with the pre-baked, un-frosted, cakes from Texas, decorate it in my mother's kitchen using the various tools and tubs of buttercream I managed to smuggle onto the plane, we then had to drive another 2 hours with the finished cake in tow.

 But it doesn't matter, because all that being said, I'll do anything for my wonderful girlfriends!

When Shannon asked me to make a little cake for her and her hubby's ceremonial cut, I was honored- it didn't matter how many airplanes and automobiles it had to travel on.

All of my friends have been so great about giving me artistic freedom with their cakes and Shannon was no exception. She gave me just a few things she wanted and sent me on my marry way: chocolate cake, yellow decorations, and a flower.

This was my first attempt at a large gumpaste flower, but I really wanted to recreate the flower that was on her dress..

You're not going to believe this, but with all the hustle and bustle surrounding the wedding and trying to set up the cake before meeting friends for lunch, I forgot to take a photo of the cake after I set it up originally. The best shot I got was during the reception when the lights were dimmed and things were all over the table (they had the small cake sitting on their table with them).


I'm really hoping the photographer got a good one before everyone got into the reception and the lights were dimmed. No matter the quality of the picture, Shannon loved it and the hubby couldn't believe the flower was edible.

Another successful wedding cake for the books! And many more to come!

Happy Baking!

*And if you would- I have a new facebook page for all my cake creations- I'd love for you to "like" me :) I'll be posting pictures of cakes and possibly some tutorials along the way!