Friday, February 19, 2010

Banana-Avocado Icing

Adventure #1

No, it's not Gak and you didn't just get slimed by someone on Nickelodeon, but you did just get your mind rocked with some Banana-Avocado Icing! I didn't include this in the original post with the other banana cupcakes, because to be honest I wasn't sure if this icing would keep over night because of the fresh banana and avocado in the mix. I even went back and forth about adding avocado to the actual cupcake, but thought I'd try my experiments one at a time.

I must give credit, where credit is due.. I was inspired by one of my co-workers: the other day at lunch, Heidi was talking about how she used to make her own baby food for her son JP. She was explaining how she had found a recipe for a banana-avocado puree kinda thing that she actually liked so much that she would find herself eating it. We were all intrigued at the idea of mixing an avocado and banana, but I think I was the only one trying to think of how I could incorporate this into some kind of baked dish ha.

So Wednesday night after the kitchen was all clean I decided to try out my little experiment. I made a very small amount, not really knowing what I was about to embark on. I scooped half a ripe avocado in a small bowl and then sliced half of a banana. I added a TBS of butter and then started up the mixer. I let that mush together a bit before I started adding some powdered sugar. I probably added about a cup of powdered sugar (I was kind of just eyeing it as I go, looking for the right mix so I lost track of how much I was incorporating). I will most definitely try this recipe again and be a little more specific with my measurements. I must admit, the consistency was a little Gak like, but the overall flavor was pretty awesome and everyone at the office that tried it was in banana- avocado love.