Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keller Williams, Nalgenes and Cake

After the success of David's Guinness and Bailey's Birthday Cake, Katie (one of my other co-workers) requested one for her boyfriend's upcoming birthday. In lieu of payment, she offered to buy my ticket to an upcoming Keller Williams concert in Austin. I love me some Keller Williams, I love me some Austin and I love me some baking so obviously I accepted. (side note: if you've never heard Keller Williams, I highly suggest listening to some of his music..he's awesome- a folky, crunchy, bowl-cutted guy who JAMS out at any chance)

Katie was going to be out of town for Andy's actual birthday so we decided the best place for the presentation would be the Super Bowl party we would all be attending. I had made the three-layered Guinness cake, filled with Bailey's Irish Cream Buttercream Icing the night before the party and covered the cake with homemade whipped cream the morning of. It was a very simple birthday cake, but I was proud of how it had come out nonetheless. Everything seemed to be going well...Katie and I had figured we'd bring the cake out during half-time since everyone would be jamming out to The Who and definitely ready for cake. This is when the fun began...

As I placed the cake on Arlene's counter I couldn't find a place to put the cake containers top so I figured I would just put it on the top of the refrigerator to get it out of the way... The next thing I know I know, a Nalgene is falling from the top of the fridge and side swipes the whole left side of the cake. I screech in horror, only to be followed by immediate laughter by me and the other girls in the kitchen. Did I mention the cake was a surprise? haha


Katie and I trying to conduct damage control.... fail.

Thankfully, we all got a good laugh of it and Katie and Andy were good sports about it as well. At least it wasn't a wedding cake right?! Although the presentation wasn't the best, the cake turned out well. This time around I doubled the ingredients for the cake, which made the cake a bit more dense than the first one I made because of the amount of beer...Nevertheless, Arlene said it was like eating three layers of an amazing beer brownie and after JP had a couple bites he walked around the room stroking his chin, letting everyone know that since he had beer cake he was going to start growing a beard. (By the way.. JP is 4 years old haha)

Just another adventure in the world of baking..

Tip of the day: Don't place your decorated cake next to the fridge if you don't know what's on top.

Happy birthday Andy :) and Happy Baking!