Monday, July 26, 2010

My Very First Wedding Cake: A Success Story

I hope I didn't leave you all in too much suspense over the past weekend! Unfortunately I didn't have much time or access to a computer to be able to share my story along the way, but let it be known that it was a fantastic success! What do you think?? Not to shabby for my first time right?!

I have to admit, I'm like a proud mama when it comes to this cake. For spending hours baking cake, traveling many many miles, switching planes, making 6 batches of icing in one average sized mixer, getting to the church (cakes and icing in tow) sans air conditioning, constructing the cake and decorating cupcakes all before the rehearsal dinner, everything went smoothly...almost too smoothly.

On their way to the airport!

Thanks to MM's wonderfully constructed boxes, the cakes all made it to GA perfectly intact. Friday morning was spent making way too much icing and when I finally arrived to the church around noon I knew it was go time. I had until 5pm to get everything constructed and ready for the big day in order to have time to get back to the house, shower and make it to the rehearsal dinner on time.

As soon as I walked into the kitchen of the church I was in heaven. space!

Before she got all done up with fresh flowers.

Cupcakes ready to for display..
Red Velvet and Vanilla Butter Cake with Chocolate buttercream.

I couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out..all the stress I felt on the way to GA almost disappeared as once I finally got into the kitchen to start decorating. The wedding was beautiful, the bride and groom were soo happy, and everyone seemed to love the cake! I heard a little girl tell her mom the cake was 'sooo good' and the caterers couldn't believe I had traveled that far..

Making a wedding cake is a big responsibility and I feel so blessed to have friends like Trevor and Meagan who took a chance and let me make theirs. It made their special day even more special to me :) I wish them only the best in their new life together! 

Wedding cake decorator for hire... who's next?? ;)