Tuesday, July 20, 2010

True Life: I'm traveling 1063 miles with a Wedding Cake

You're probably going through the 5 W's right about now..
Who would travel that far with a cake?
What is she thinking?
When is this happening?
Where is she going?
How is she doing it?

Well my friends, I've got your answers for all these questions and then some.

This is the Ultimate Traveling Sweet.. A Wedding Cake.

It all started when my good friend met the girl of his dreams. A few months later there was already talk of rings and the next thing I know I'm having a phone conversation in my Texas office with a boy in Georgia who is about to ask the most important question of his life to the love of his life. Just before we hung up, I jokingly (but totally serious) remarked that I would love to be the one to make their wedding cake... little did I know what would come next..
the happy couple strolling in Savannah..

Of course I had no idea that a few weeks later I would find myself having another conversation about how they wanted to take me up on the offer -they wanted to have friends involved in the wedding and the wedding cake was a perfect start. I was completely flattered, so excited and so completely caught off guard because, well the truth of the matter is.. I've never made a wedding cake! But that didn't stop me from saying yes! Decorating wedding cakes is a dream of mine and what better way to start than with friends?

Oh, did I mention that the wedding would be in Georgia? I live in Texas.

So now you're probably thinking, well how the heck does she plan on pulling this off? Good question.

After a few more conversations with the bride-to-be and her mother, decorations, flavors and size were determined.. my plan was/is to bake all the cakes ahead of time, freeze them and then fly with them as my carry on... I can't wait to see what the security people have to say when they see two large duffle bags of cake going through the x-ray...
Our poor freezer...we couldn't even make ice all week!

This past weekend was spent in the kitchen baking cakes..big ones, little ones.. oh, and before I forget, I'm also making the groom's cake and cupcakes. So for those of you still following, thats 2 14-inch cakes, 2 10-inch cakes, 2 6-inch cakes, 3 9-inch cakes and 50 cupcakes (which there are no room for in the freezer). Thankfully MM will be with me, so we're heading out on Thursday night, cakes in tow, and I'll be spending all day in the kitchen on Friday assembling the cakes and decorating- I'm making all the icing in Georgia.
Test run.. just to make sure they would all fit!

Did I get in over my head? Maybe. Am I having a great time so far? Absolutely... Talk to me again Friday afternoon..

Now I love a good adventure and if this doesn't qualify as an adventure then I don't know what does..

Say a prayer for me, rub your lucky rabbits foot, pick up a penny, keep a horse shoe handy.. I'll take anything!