Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Cakes for Kids: a Non-Profit Organization

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the coordinator of our local Free Cakes for Kids chapter. Through some lucky strike of the keyboard, she found my blog and after admiring my cakes, sent me an email asking if I'd become a part of this fantastic organization.

Free Cakes for Kids is a non-profit organization developed for families who are going through financially hard times and can't necessarily afford to provide their child with a birthday cake. With over 30 talented volunteers in the Killeen chapter, we devote our time and talents so no child will have to be without a cake any time soon.

I've always believed that food has a special power; there's a reason why holidays revolve around food, that we look for comfort in treats and why the kitchen table is where happiness is shared. And so I feel blessed to be a part of a group that offers families a little bit of happiness during a tough time through a very special birthday cake.

My first volunteer job was a Blue's Clues themed cake for a little boy's birthday...

Even though I don't have my own children, I've spent my fair share of time babysitting and Blue just happens to be one of my favorite cartoon pup. I tried to stay true to the show and incorporated her clues around the base of the cake.

"You gotta find Blue's paw print, that's the first clue!
And we put 'em in our notebook, cuz they're who's clues?!"

 "Blue's Clues!"

For those of you out there that love to decorate cakes, I hope you'll look into local chapters of Free Cakes for Kids. Not only would you be a part of a great cause, but you get to practice your decorating as well! Practice or not, his mother's warm words of gratitude were enough for me.

Happy Baking!